July 18, 2021

Remove Etsy hijacker or Competitor listing from Etsy marketplace

How to remove Etsy hijacker or competitor listing for increase sales?

Yes- that’s very important for increase listing sales because when you remove ,competitor listing then generally auto will increase your listing sales and you can increase product price because you have not any competitor and surely that’s amazing. then now main question how to remove Etsy hijacker or competitor listing from Etsy marketplace ? simple answer because we are providing this service with 100% guaranteed. you just need to simply provide working information for start service.


Your listing get total competitor free in marketplace. Surely will increase listing sales becuase we have No competitor or No hijacker. You can Increase product price because you have not any selling competitor. Your listing Hijacker removed means- Your own listing fully protect from brand and content stolen.

Requirements and price: Just only need Etsy competitor or Hijacker listing url for start work. We don’t need any documents or proof. we will own control every step. Per listing remove cost 400$

If you want this service then simply contact with us via our website- Please check contact information and simply send message for active order. Properly secured and trusted service provider. our team properly for providing service in here. thank you

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