Networks & communications

Data communications and computer networks is constantly increasing

The use of data communications and computer networks is constantly increasing, bringing benefits to most of the countries and peoples of the world, and serving as the lifeline of industry. Now there is a textbook that discusses data communications and networking in a readable form that can be easily understood by students who will become the IS professionals of the future.

Advanced communications and Networks provide a comprehensive and practical treatment of rapidly evolving areas. The text is divided into seven main sections and appendices:
” General data compression
” Video, images, and sound
” Error coding and encryption
” TCP/IP and the Internet
” Network operating systems
” Cables and connectors

Other topics include error detection/correction, image/video compression, digital video, digital audio, TCP/IP, HTTP, electronic mail, HTML, Windows NT, NetWare, UNIX, Fast Ethernet, ATM, FDDI, and much more.

Written by a respected academician who is also an accomplished engineer, this textbook uses the author’s wide practical experience in applying techniques and theory toward solving real engineering problems. It also includes an accompanying Web site that contains software, source code, and other supplemental information.

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