Amazon Hijacker Seller remove service

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Amazon Hijacker Seller or Unauthorized Seller Remove Service

You’ve got a great product for sale on Amazon, either through FBA (fulfilled-by-Amazon) or FBM (fulfilled-by-Merchant). One day, you login to your Seller Central dash only to find that the worst has happened:

Someone jumped onto your listing, selling your counterfeited item, and took over your buy box – they hijacked your ASIN! What now?

 It’s time to get that thief off of your listing and out of your hair, and that means you need an expert. I’m here to help!

Stop battling with these unscrupulous sellers and sending in reports that never get anywhere. Get serious about your listings and send hijackers packing with my fast, efficient removal service. Your products deserve their time in the spotlight, so don’t let anyone steal it.


Simply send me your ASIN, and the name of the hijacker you’d like removed. We’ll handle the rest, and let you get back to what you do best: selling!

Projects highlights

Order Requirements:

Just only need product listing Url or ASIN and Hijacker storefront name for start work. we don't need any other information.

Working Process:

When you provide order requirements then as soon as our team will start work- we will own handle everything for you-

Need any brand information:

No- we don't need any brand or trademark information from you- If need any thing then we will own handle it- Just you need to wait for working result-

Skills & technologies

Amazon term and condition
Listing safety policy
Competitor research
Competitor removing skills

We are amazon competitor killer- that’s reason we can remove any amazon hijacker or competitor seller from listing or marketplace. we can work any country marketplace and any branding listing.  Just hire us for remove your amazon hijacker seller from product listing-

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